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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  December 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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singled out this school that he attended as a child. he fired at gun ranges in the past but no evidence he did so recently as practice for the massacre. reporter: it's back to school today for the children of newtown, connecticut. with one exception, the students of sandy hook elementary. kenneth is a fourth grader at sandy hook. he was there that tragic day. >> he heard screaming and gunshots and the room he was in was being banged on by the gunman. >> reporter: kenneth and his classmates won't be returning to sandy hook elementary school. when they do go back, they will attend chalk hill school in nearby monroe. >> they said he won't go back unless there's a police officer at every door. >> reporter: the grieving continues here in newtown. there will be two more funerals today when james mattioli and jessica rekos will be laid to rest. the first two funerals were monday when 6-year-old noah
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pozner and jack pinto were remembered. >> shouldn't be at a 6-year- old's funeral. it's a devastating event and as heartbreaking as it is, it just keeps getting more heartbreaking. >> reporter: noah pozner was described as smart, caring and rum bunktious. jack pinto loved the new york giants. he was buried in the jersey of his favorite player, giants wide receiver, victor cruz. >> there were little stories about jack being in heaven tossing footballs with angels and knocking their halos off their heads and everyone got a chuckle out of that. >> reporter: honan funeral home in newtown will hold 11 funerals between now and christmas. marly hall for cbs news, newtown, connecticut. newtown school officials have brought in grief counselors for students who need help dealing with the tragedy. people across the country are paying tribute to the victims of the shooting. locally dozens of people
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gathered last night for a vigil in in gilroy. organizers said it gave people a chance to get together and share their thoughts. >> having an environment like this helps people process it. then being able to give resources that kind of help people continue that journey. >> the names of all the newtown victims were read and a candle was lit for each of them. more bay area vigils are planned including one this evening in pleasanton. the moore elementary school pta is organizing the event set to take place at a park from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight. people are encouraged to bring notes and pictures. they will be sent to newtown, connecticut. we are learning more about the gunman who opened fire in connecticut. friends of adam lanza and his mother say he was intelligent, his mother said that he did have a mental disability. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the newsroom with more. reporter: cbs news spoke with people who knew adam lanza. one person claimed lanza's mother gave him an odd warning
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about her son. now, a man who baby sat for the family when adam was about 10 said nancy lanza told him to supervise her son at all times and never turn his back on him. former classmates remember the gunman as bright but painfully awkward. lanza was taking classes at western connecticut state university at the same time he was in high school. but he was also homeschooled by his mother, who told friends he had asperger's syndrome. >> i know he was on medication and everything. she was you know -- but she homeschooled him at home because he couldn't be able to school classes sometimes so she just homeschooled him at home and that was her life. >> recently investigators found out lanza fired guns at shooting ranges over the past several years but did not find evidence that he was at any ranges prior to last week's rampage. authorities say lanza had no criminal history and it's not clear whether he had a job. reporting live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, cbs 5. a bay area man is under
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arrest after he posted plans to copy the newtown massacre. 18-year-old sergio cabata of suisun city faces felony charges of making criminal threats after fairfield police received a tip that he commented on social media in support of the connecticut gunman. investigators served a search warrant yesterday. they say they seized some items to prevent future acts of violence. you have probably heard that several california lawmakers are calling for new state laws in the wake of the connecticut shooting. among them is leland yee a local, state senator. he wants to reintroduce a bullet button ban which failed last year. bullet buttons allow gun use forest get around the state ban on detachable magazines. >> it is as if we do not have an assault weapons ban in the state of california. with the bullet button, assault rifle, what you can do is buy a magnet and you can easily load and unload these magazines.
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>> a local gun advocate says that bans on certain weapons or parts are not good ways to prevent violence. gene hoffman is the chair of cal guns. he does support more background checks and mental health evaluations. a cbs news poll taken after the shootings finds more than half of americans think gun laws should be more strict. 57% is the highest number we have seen in a decade. but at the same time, when asked about what happened in newtown, 66% said tougher gun laws would have done little or nothing to prevent that particular incident. and president obama appears to be concerned about the issue. he met with some of his cabinet members yesterday to discuss what can be done protect americans from mass shootings. that includes new gun control laws. it's possible the president could enact new gun rules through executive order. but some changes would require congressional approval. a national seller of guns dick's sporting goods is pulling certain kind of semi- automatic rifles off its shelves. the retailer says it is also
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removing all guns from its store closet to the -- closest to the site of friday's massacre. dick's says it is taking those measures out of respect for the victims and their families. it's not clear how long they will be in effect. for more on the elementary school tragedy, you can go to our website, one of tv's best known international reporters is safe this morning after he and his production team were held by kidnappers for five days. nbc announced this morning that chief foreign correspondent ringle engel and three coworkers were released unharmed in syria where they have been covering the civil war. the network kept the abduction under wraps out of concern for the journalist's safety. the identity of the kidnappers and motives run known. time now is 4:37. why don't we get a check on the weather? >> yes, lawrence is off doing some weather-related duties and this morning we have our ace elizabeth -- >> that's what you think. >> what's going on? this is new. see what you miss?
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new for all of us. i'm not sure what's going on. maybe it's the cold weather. it's a special weather music because we are waking up to temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. check out the 30s up in the north bay. we are talking 39 degrees in santa rosa, 36 degrees in napa. so yeah, you will definitely want to bundle up if you are heading off to work or wherever you're off to this morning. we have this area of low pressure. it's bringing some cold breezy conditions to the bay area. for the most part the rain has moved east. lingering showers along the coast. the real difference compared to yesterday is the cooler temperatures and the gustier conditions. your afternoon highs not going to warm up much. we are going to see a lot of 50s. mid-50s in oakland. 53 in san francisco. 54 out in vallejo. and the rain makes the comeback here coming up shortly by the end of the week. so we'll show you a look at the seven-day forecast. we're talking traffic. here's gianna.
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>> we are going to head to our bay area bridge and you can see not too bad so far, so good as you work your way towards the toll plaza. we had some early morning roadwork on the upper deck between the cantilever section and fremont. that should be wrapped at least by 5:00. the rest of your bay area bridges problem-free including the golden gate bridge just north of there though south 101 near sir francis drake two lanes shut down for construction. that will be there at least until 6:00. but you can see the golden gate bridge smooth sailing into san francisco. the dumbarton bridge both directions only one lane open looks like you might see some slight delays. that should be wrapped up by 5:00 this morning as well. use the san mateo bridge as an alternate. also 880 not showing any delays north- or southbound. we have some roadwork reported in both directions right around embarcadero but not causing too many delays. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. recent rains are to blame for a sinkhole in the making at least that's what they think they have on their hands. crews have closed marsh creek road between deer valley and pine lane in clayton. a pipe under the road failed
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and a potential sinkhole is starting to form. maintenance crews are on the scene this morning to guide traffic. contra costa public works department will have an estimated time for re-opening after they evaluate the extent of the damage. students and educators are mourning the death of a high school senior who was killed in san francisco's bayview district. police say 17-year-old montreal blakley was shot at about 10 clock on saturday night. blakley had a high grade point average and was a starting defensive back on the football team at concord high school. police say the investigation is ongoing. so far there have been no arrests. the man convicted of killing two people at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza is expected to be sentenced today. 49-year-old nathan burris is facing the death penalty. burris shot and killed his ex- girlfriend, a toll plaza worker and her friend a bus driver, back in 2009. rebuilding of the chevron refinery unit that caught fire in august will be the topic of discussion at a meeting in
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richmond tomorrow. city leaders will get an update on the repairs and investigation. the meeting is set for 6:30 tomorrow night in the city council chamber. residents are encouraged to attend. and police now say they found a shotgun in a suspect's apartment after a weekend standoff in san francisco. officers were called to the home near hide street because of a domestic disturbance saturday night. the suspect is being held on suspicion of domestic violence. time now 4:41. a deal in the works? president obama's latest offer to avoid the "fiscal cliff." >> plus, the sights, sounds, smells of the christmas season, how it's all designed to extract money from your wallet. >> of course. and down in a flash. the storage building blown away and what's coming in its place. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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the 300-foot stack and a co boiler at a factory was impd yesterda see the demoli away it goes! a landmark in texas in ruins. a 300-foot stack and coal boiler was imploded yesterday. hundreds came outed to the demolition. the landmark was brought down to make way for new development. >> time now 4:43. we'll get another check on the weather. >> i really like your music. >> i guess it's the new thing. don't tell us! >> kind of snazzy this morning. maybe it will wake you up. in addition to the cold temperatures it will feel cooler today. that's going to be the biggest difference compared to yesterday. out the door 30s and 40s. we'll see more sunshine by this afternoon but temperatures are not going to warm you by much.
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breezy this afternoon. low pressure bringing cold temperatures and breezy conditions. the rain has moved east. you can see maybe a few lingering showers. they are mainly staying off the coast. we are going to keep a slight chance of a few sprinkles mainly along the coast but our inland spots will remain dry through the afternoon. not much cloud cover overnight. that's going to keep things really chilly on wednesday morning. in fact, there are even some freeze warnings in effect for tonight into overnight for parts of the north bay. so expect even cooler temperatures by tomorrow. for your afternoon highs today, once again a lot of 50s, 53 in concord, 52 in livermore. 53 in san francisco. 54 in mountain view. here's a check of your forecast over the next several days. a couple of cool days, you can see tuesday and wednesday. and then the rain comes back into the forecast thursday through the weekend.
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that is a check of your seven- day forecast. for more on your traffic conditions on this tuesday morning, here's gianna. >> thank you, elizabeth. we have lots of construction to report out there this morning. caltrans keeping very busy starting off with marin county south 101 near sir francis drake. two lanes are blocked. that will be there at least until 6:00. some slight delays. golden gate bridge no problems into san francisco. you can see just before that some slight delays due to the roadwork so again that should be wrapping up around 6:00. other roadwork trouble spots. if you are head across the bay bridge this morning, keep in mind at least until about 5:30 this morning, you'll find caltrans working hard near the cantilever section all the way towards fourth street just as you come off the skyway. so one lane closed in that area. not seeing any delays yet. metering lights are off at the bay bridge. no delays on the dumbarton bridge. a few delays on the westbound
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side from roadwork. roadwork both directions of 880 near fruitvale. looks like not too much slowing. both directions looking good. 16 minutes from 238 to the maze but looks like only one lane gets by in some spots in that area. that should wrap up by 5:30. westbound 237 clear. 880 to 101 good. a six-minute ride this morning. also your east bay travel times no delays. all in the green westbound 80 clear, 580 so far, so good. again, 880 no troubles and 24 looks good. and mass transit is on time. bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries looking good. back to you guys >> thank you. daniel inouye a long-time senator from hawaii has died. the democrat had represented hawaii in congress since it became a state in 1959 and was the highest ranking asian- american politician in u.s. history. he lost his right arm in battle during world war ii and received the medal of honor.
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>> he was the kind of man, in short, that america has always been grateful to have, especially in her darkest hours. men who lead by example and who expect nothing. >> inouye died yesterday of respiratory complications. he was 88. >> showing him being sworn in by lyndon johnson. president obama made a counter-offer so as not to step off the "fiscal cliff." the president offered to curtail future cost of living increases for social security recipients. he softened his demand for higher taxes at upper income levels. boehner wants a million dollars for higher tax rates. if no deal is reached, billions in tax hikes and spending cuts will go into effect. a federal judge has rejected a request by cupertino- based apple that samsung be banned from selling three models of smartphones. a jury ruled in august that
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samsung illegally used apple technology in some of the phones. samsung was ordered to pay apple $1 billion as a result of that patent case. but the judge said banning samsung from selling certain phones would be too broad a punishment. millions of credit card customers should be on the lookout for refunds from american express, capital one and discover. the three companies owed $435 million in refunds to nearly 6 million customers as a result of a government crackdown on deceptive credit card practices. refunds range from 3 to $300 and should show up on your monthly statement. double-check your christmas tree because there's a recall tonight toy called water balls and other varieties. they are made by a company called dune craft. the toys absorb water and can expand to 400 times their original size. it's trouble if somebody swallows one.
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that's what happened so now, voluntary recall after a baby needed surgery to remove it after the baby ingested one last year. and the easy-bake oven not just for girls anymore. toymaker hasbro revealed a black silver and blue prototype. the new style was shown to 13- year-old mckenna pope who had been advocating for this. she got over 40,000 signatures asking for a gender neutral stove. mckenna says she is happy about it. >> i bet. retailers are working long and hard trying to get you to spend your money. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman shows us when you're at the mall, there's more going on than meets the eye and it's all calculated to put you in the mood to spend. >> way too much jewelry. >> reporter: jack farmer didn't need it but he bought it. >> so i'm very particular about what i spend my money on. >> reporter: maybe elaine of south san francisco has more self-control. there may be more to it than that, though. >> i think most people think
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that they are really rational when they go shopping and they have no idea that they are actually under assault in the mall. >> reporter: consumer psychologist kit yarrow has looked at dozens of studies about consuming and we asked her to give us the highlights so you don't have to do all that work. you're busy shopping, after all, amidst all that red. >> the holiday colors of red and green actually couldn't be worse in terms of budgeting. >> reporter: red apparently stimulates the senses and spending according to studies. >> so they wouldn't just use red just to get people spending. but it is a color that you would always see for things that are on sale, for example. >> reporter: smell something funny? >> one of our favorite scents of the holiday season is peppermint. and peppermint has been shown to cause arousal and that translates to spending. >> reporter: notice stuff in the center of the aisles. it's not by chance. >> there are tables that block the way so you'll stop. it turns out that when people
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touch things, they are twice as likely to buy them. >> reporter: stuff in the center of the shelves most likely to sell and after that stuff to the right. then they reach to the right and once they touch it there is a better chance they will buy it. >> reporter: so retailers use all these tricks to get to you buy stuff and this helps you how? well, at least if you know it, you can understand it and stop and think before you're tempted to buy something like this. at serramonte mall, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> that's what i wanted to get you, brian. >> really? you know, mike looks fetching. >> i think this all works. i was at the mall for about three hours yesterday. and i think it does work. >> yeah. okay. >> it got me into spending money. >> i have another week to go to start shopping. it's 8 minutes before 5:00. hey, good for workers but maybe bad for business. the new push to raise the state minimum wage. >> plus balancing the city's budgets. why san francisco drivers may
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have to pay. >> golden comfort. how these dogs are helping to ease the pay in newtown, connecticut. this holiday, share everything.
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welcome back. it is cold outside. temperatures are 10-degree cooler than yesterday. we are seeing 30s in the north bay, 40s everywhere else and we have more rain. the seven-day forecast is coming right up. >> and no major accidents to report just lots of roadwork on some of your bay area bridges including the bay bridge toll plaza and dumbarton bridge. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. state lawmakers could take up the battle over minimum wage next year. california's minimum wage is
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frozen at $8 an hour for the past five years. the "sacramento bee" reports lawmakers are expected to talk about a potential increas and if it should come with inflation automatically. 10 states are set to increase minimum of wage rates next year. tonight the oakland city council will take up the proposal to cut the price of taxi medallions in half. currently the city charges more than $1,000 a cab. now councilman larry reid and ignacio de la fuente want to reduce that by 50%. they say it's consistent with city efforts to reduce rents on various industries. critics say the plan would benefit taxi owner, not taxi drivers. buying a car in san francisco may get even more expensive. some lawmakers and agencies are looking into raising the local vehicle license fee to 2%. it's currently 1.65% in san francisco. the proposal could end up on the ballot for the november 2014 election. and as the community of newtown, connecticut begins the
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healing process, help is pouring in from across the region. as recovery begins, who better to lend support than man's best friend. in front of a field of flowers, candles and toys, a half dozen golden retrievers stood ready to comfort the town yesterday. some of the dogs are there specifically to comfort the children who witnessed the unspeakable act on friday. >> it's not where do i find reassurance and comfort? dogs to that. >> owners who say children who haven't been able to express their grief are responding to the dogs. coming up, two more shooting victims will be laid to rest today. >> this as we're learning disturbing new details about the gunman. plus... >> it's been very, very stressful for 400 people around this area. >> an entire neighborhood facing eviction this holiday season. why some argue these homes should be saved. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald saying good-bye. newtown begins to bury sandy hook victims as we learn new details about the shooter. >> plus a tipping point in the gun debate? why bay area lawmakers say action is needed now. >> and temperatures are falling all across the bay area. how low are we going to go? we'll tell ya, coming up. >> we have a new accident in napa plus roadwork may slow you down this morning. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, december 18. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this week. the time now straight up 5:00. students return to class in newtown, connecticut today except for the students of sandy hook elementary school. >> that campus will be a crime scene indefinitely after friday as mass shooting. investigators st
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